Hi my name's Albert

I started Naturally Human because I'm trying to live the happiest and most meaningful life possible and I want to help you do the same.

That's a lot easier said than done, and there is a lot of confusing (and not very helpful) information out there telling you how to do it.

Exercise more, build muscle , lose belly fat, eat these super foods, but not these ones, get more sleep, have a big house, spend time with family, get outdoors, work harder to get that promotion.

So despite your best efforts to do everything you're supposed to, you end up feeling tired and overwhelmed instead of energised and happy, and you start to give up. You start existing instead of living.


Albert crouching and smiling on a woodland path


If any of this sounds familiar don't worry, it's OK to feel like this and you are not alone.

In fact there is a very good reason why you feel this way.

nature walking
Two tigers resting in a zoo

We evolved over millions of years in a natural world, living a certain way. In the last few thousand years we've created the modern world full of amazing things, but we're not actually very well suited to the fast pace and conveniences of modern life and it's taking it's toll.

This isn't a surprise if we look at other animals. Animals are happiest and healthiest when they are allowed to live in their natural environment. The people who look after wild animals in captivity know this and spend a huge amount of effort to give the animals in their care a life as natural as possible.

That isn't to say that living in captivity doesn't have benefits, after all a tiger in a zoo will get food without hunting, won't have to protect it's territory, will get treated if it gets ill and will likely live longer than it's wild counterparts.

But, the tiger in the zoo is missing something. It's hard to describe what it is exactly, but if we compare the zoo tiger to a wild one we wouldn't have any question as to which was more “tigery”. Without the need to carry out it's natural behaviours the zoo tiger has lost some of what makes it a tiger.

Perhaps we have become like the tiger in the zoo. Modern life has given us a great amount of comfort and convenience, but it has made us forget our natural behaviours made us forget what makes us human.

So what can we do?

We can't all go back to being hunter gatherers and we shouldn't forget all the good that has come from modern life. Maybe we can learn something by looking at people who still live naturally, barely touched by the modern world. They often possess the things we are trying to achieve in modern life; good health, low stress and a happy outlook.

By looking at what’s important to them, we can find out what we should be prioritising in our lives.

  • Self
  • Tribe
  • Habitat
  • Food
  • Movement
  • Life

This is the key principle behind Naturally Human, to help you make small changes to prioritise these six aspects of your life

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