Jump  Climb  Play

Experience movement coaching near Buckingham and Milton Keynes with a Movnat Certified Trainer.

Of the six aspects important to a happy life movement is the one that is most widely neglected in modern life. We've pigeon holed it as exercise and many of us have a poor relationship with it.

We're here to change that.

Albert using a movnat foot pinch climbing technique on a thin tree

We're not here to give you a bunch of exercises and be your motivation because that's not going to change what you do the rest of the time, and even though it all helps, an hour blitz a week is not going to make you healthy no matter what the flashy adverts say.

We're here to get you enjoying moving again. To show you how much more powerful play is than exercise. To inspire you to move more, to teach you how to move better to give you the skills and the tool set so you can keep yourself healthy and having fun. To show you how to fit more movement into your daily life without it taking up more time.

Our goal is that after a few months you will have learnt enough of the basics that you won't need us, that you'll want to and know how to stay fit and healthy by yourself.

We hope you'll keep coming back for the fun the friendship and to keep learning more, but we want to empower you rather than make you dependent on us.